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Updates for Your Home that Pay Off

When it comes to updating your home there are a few things you should consider before starting on any project, especially if you plan to sell in the future.

First, start with a budget. You may want to contact your realtor and speak with them about updated homes in your neighborhood. Ask for current information on homes that sold that were updated; photos, sqft, price point. If you plan to sell your home in the next few years you want to make sure you will be able to see a return on investment. Kitchens, living area, bathrooms and outdoor living spaces tend to bring the highest return. The home in the picture above had a complete kitchen remodel. The before and afters are pretty amazing. Click here to see the full transformation.

When people think updates most think of big ticket items. There are lots of small things that can add up to a big wow factor for your home. Things like; painting the front door, cleaning up the landscape and adding fresh flowers, or updating your furniture can all add value. I recently painted a dated fireplace surround and the outcome was better than I had anticipated. It made the entire room look fresh and more modern. The project costed about $100 from start to finish. All I used was paint. The tiles are not new, just painted and stenciled to look like hand painted cement tiles. For more info on how to paint tile click here.

On the Springtide home we refreshed the outside with new landscaping, pressure washed the driveway and exterior, painted the front door, added a small bistro table for a pop of color and a new doormat. The bistro table is super cute and budget friendly, buy here.

One of the most important updates (in my opinion) is paint. I cannot stress how much a paint color can change the entire mood of a home. It can be a pain if you decide to diy or if you hire a professional. Having to move all your furniture, tape, prime, etc can be a large job but the end result is so worth it! Check out a few of these before and afters. I will be doing a post on my favorite paint colors soon!

An outdoor living area can really add bang for your buck when it comes to selling your home. Many buyers want an area they can enjoy outdoors and it can many times be the deciding factor when they are choosing between their top 3 homes they want to make an offer on. On this home the owner extended the patio area in the back. It was transformed from a useless piece of grass to a place where friends can gather and grill, relax alone with your favorite cup of coffee, or with your fur babies :)

Comment below if you have any questions regarding the paint colors or finishes. Hope you enjoyed this post! The home in the main picture is FOR SALE, click here for more info!

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