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Spring Rug Refresh

Before I had Hayes, I had a pup and she loved to use my rug as a puppy pad. I was constantly cleaning the rug and replacing it. She passed of old age while I was pregnant (so sad but she had a long happy life) and I thought ok, I can buy a new rug and no puppy pee. I was not prepared for how much spit up my guy would be hurling onto the rug. Don't even get me started on the diaper blowouts! So once again I was in search of a new rug. Our new house was built in the 1940's and I wanted to change it up from the breezy light hues I normally use and go for something bold that would match our quirky old house. I found the rug in the pic above on insta and was amazed by the fact that it was washable. YES, you heard me right...moms, fur baby moms, or anyone who is tired of buying/cleaning rugs! The company is called Ruggable and they have invented this amazing rug that comes with a rug pad that has a slight velcro that the top of the rug sticks to. When you need to clean the rug, you simply pull the top off and put it in your washer at home. Such a genius idea! The rugs come in 4 different sizes; from runners to large living area rugs. The other great thing is that if you get tired of your current rug you can purchase the top cover separately and change out the rug as often as you would like while storing the other top in your linen closet. Poof! Mind blown :) The prices range from $99-$399. I found mine on Amazon for $279 and it's $399 on the Ruggable site. The Ruggable site has more options but I was able to find the one I wanted on Amazon. If you are looking to refresh your home for spring without buying all new furniture, I highly suggest swapping out your rug. Just be sure it will go with your furniture ;) I've linked some of my favorites from Ruggable and other brands below.

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